Recipe That Would Be Healthy To Your Dog

ID-10057671Your dog can improve the health of your dog if a healthy treat is made and given to him.  Dog treats are helpful as food even as they can be applied in dog training. To ensure that the best is getting out of dog treats, it becomes necessary to avoid those made with preservatives.

This is because artificial preservatives are known to affect the health of dogs by causing some diseases or promoting certain allergies.  Common conditions like liver problem, digestive problem, auto immune disorders, etc are associated with preservatives.

Having said that, homemade dog treats becomes the key to control the ingredients used and eliminate harmful preservatives. If you are not sure of what treats to make at home and sustain a healthy dog, the following recipeis suggested.

Beef Dog food treat recipe

This recipe requires you combine the following ingredients:

  • 1/4 of cup of dry milk powder,
  • 6 oz. of beef baby food, and
  • 1/2 cup of wheat germ.

The ingredients should be mixed in a bowl and thereafter the mixture should be rolled into small balls.

These balls are then placed on greased cookie sheet. You can flatten the top of the balls slightly and then bake for about 30 minutes under a preheated oven of 350 degrees F.

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The Benefits of Dogs Not Having Treats with Preservatives

ID-10030649If you are wondering whether to provide your dog with homemade treats then you should conclude your decision based on the benefits to be explored. Homemade treats for dogs have many advantages and you should be able to explore them.

In this post we are going to be looking at two reasons why it is important that you make treats in the home for your dogs.

First off, a dog treat can be referred to as a snack or fast food we give to dogs as a reward for something. This can be used in dog training or as part of diet. Unfortunately, most of the commercially sold treats come with preservatives and these chemical compounds could pose health risk for the dog.

Thus, it becomes really necessary to make dog treats in the home and doing away with harmful preservatives.

Reasons you should make dog treats in the home include:

  • To avoid health issues for the dogs – Preservatives used in dog foods and treats are meant to prevent decay of the products after long time storage. However, these compounds are known to have adverse health effects on the dogs. Certain diseases like auto immune disease, cancer, skin problems, etc have been associated with certain preservatives used in dog treats.

More so, certain allergies are known to be caused by these preservatives. To be on a safe side, it becomes important to prepare dog treat by yourself so you are in control of what the ingredients and avoid harmful preservatives.

  • To save cost – When you keep buying dog treats from the marketplace or dog food stores, you spend more money. You can save some money making dog treat within your very own budget. More so, you can avoid the cost of making frequent visits to the vet because your dog was fed with treats that affected its health.  Prevention is better than cure – you can say!

Conclusively, these are reasons you should consider to choose homemade dog treats. It’s really yourchoice to make your pet healthy with good and healthy treats with no preservatives.  The two reasons given in this article should help you make informed decision now.

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Homemade Dog Treats without Preservatives – Tips That Would Help You Get the Best

ID-1001821There is quite a lot of talk about making dog treats from the home instead of buying from dog food stores. One reason to always opt for this option is because of the need to control the ingredients in the dog treats and ensure they are devoid of harmful preservatives.

A dog treat is baked delicacy meant for eating as food or as a reward for doing something. Hence, a treat can serve as a food or as a training tool! Now, to get the best from a dog treat, it must be prepared with ingredients that are not harmful to the health of the dog. This is an important tip that dog owners must remember. Other helpful tips to remember and apply are:

  • The ingredients used to prepare and bake dog treats in the home should be checked and ensure to be healthful to the dog.
  • The ingredients should also be healthful for human consumption. This is important so as that even a child can snack the treat. So, give the dog what is good for the humans also.
  • Certain human foods or ingredients are healthy for dogs, and these should not be used when preparing dog treats from the home. Examples of these include: chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, and macadamia, etc.  Never use these foods for dog treats!
  • Preservatives and artificial sweeteners should be avoided. To make the treat achieve long term preservation, it should be well-baked and put in container that is airtight. Storage in a refrigerator will increase the chance of long term storage also.
  • Go for recipes with the most healthful ingredients. The good news is that there are varieties of recipes you can choose from. One key factor you should consider is that you can go for recipes with ingredients that can help you prepare treats with ease and also help you save costs.

So, these are tips dog owners should follow to increase their chance of having the best from dog treats without preservatives. More information on how to get the best from dog treats that is healthy can be accessed online.

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Homemade Dog Treats – Get Helpful Information from Dog Treat Kitchen

ID-10034511Information is essential in learning about any food making process. With homemade natural dog treats, this is equally crucial. So, don’t take it for granted at all, especially if you really care for your dog.

You see, homemade dog treats are snacks or delicacies made from the home for our puppies and pooches. Although many people can buy these treats from food stores, it is to be noted that most commercially made dog treats come with preservatives.

The dangers of dog treats with preservatives are real and it becomes necessary to avoid these dangers as such. Therefore, going for homemade dog treats without preservatives becomes a viable option.

Now, getting information about dog treats made without preservatives is necessary and can be done online. One website that should be consulted for helpful in information on healthy dog treats is This is an online source of practical information on Dog biscuits and other helpful treats.

Here are more details about you should know and take advantage of.

Tips and guides on dog treats and foods – You can access this website for information about dog treats of different kinds. There is a recipe eBook for different dog treats and you should access this book if you are seeking idea of how to make healthy dog treat in the home.

Information about preservatives – Preservatives are chemical compounds used for preventing spoilage in foods. Commercially sold foods do come with these compounds but there are known harmful effects with some of these preservatives. In you will find different types of information about the types of preservatives used in making dog treats. The information you access here can help you improve the health of your dog with foods without preservatives.

Information about dog treat baking – Most dog treats are baked and it is important you get to know how to do this if you are to improve the chance of your dog getting the best of health. There are practical steps and guides to follow at Dogtreatkitchen.comand you sure would want to get the best always.  From this online source, varieties of recipes are highlighted and it is left for you make the right choice for your dogs.

Conclusively, is a reputable site with helpful dog treat making information. I recommend you explore it today!

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